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Once upon a time, I had a blog. It was rambling and undirected and, looking back, I suspect I would be quite embarrassed about several bits of it, but cest la vie.

Then, it stopped. It faded out. It sputtered along sporadically for a while, then stopped.


Well ...

It was always most productive when I was stressed and supposed to be doing something else. I got angry, which needed an outlet, while getting up energy to tackle something big, so I spewed it into text. Then it had periods of hiatus when I was relaxing and winding down and would think of something but, you know what? I couldn't be arsed writing about it.

That was in the period when I had stopped Trying To Be A Writer and had not returned to the state of Why Did I Ever Forget I Was A Writer?

The other, bigger, reason, however was: Twitter and Facebook. Having finally been dragged into the world of Facebook in order to keep up with people, it became much easier to spew something out short-form than to write an entry. Once upon a time, it wasn't possible to write a long status update on Farcebook, it had to be a Note. Then they changed the rules, but recently I went back through my timeline to find an old status to convert it into a Note so I could refer to it later.

Twitter was similar - enforced short-hand (I have never used one of those "long Twitter update" services that direct you to another web page, and never will - that's what blogs are for) for pithy statements that can too easily be misinterpreted because there's so little text to explain yourself with.

Ah, happy days.

This dreamwidth account was created in order to join a writing community which ... since ... I have, um ... forgotten about. Really must find it again.

Then I needed somewhere to put This Friday Flash Fiction challenge, so that became the first entry. Then I remembered this blog long enough to write a couple of more entries (the story talked about here is now available, by the way). I haven't submitted any more Friday challenges because that one was needed to kick me back into writing momentum, and I've always since had something on my plate.

Then ... I forgot about it again. In fact, I even had to appeal for help to remember which the hosting service was.

So, let's try this again. As part of my "write every day" (may as well try, even if I'm prepared to skip days provided I can catch up), there may be bloggage. Bloggery. Blogging.

Let's see what happens.
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